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“We need to grow together, so we need to work together and only if we work together for their betterment, then the result in future would be a specially-abled India instead of a differently-abled India”.’

How the product was designed

In our day to day lives we encounter numerous pedestrians with limb disabilities moving about on the road using a simple board and pushing through their hands to get to places.

● It caused various problems like
● Blisters on hands.
● Cracks on skin.
● Torn clothes.

Problems Faced by Physically Challenged People

The Solution & Innovation

Where it can be used

  • Schools for specially abled
  •  At all government buildings
  •  Handicapped associations
  •  For mobility inside train in railways
  •  At workplaces
  •  Household purpose
  •   At Private residences (Malls, Provision stores)

Key Features

  • The device is completely mechanical.
  • No external source is required like battery /fuel etc.
  • Low cost compared to the handicap mobility device.
    available in market .
  • Portable.
  • Provides better comfort to specially challenged


  • The device does not require any kind of power supply like a battery or an engine .
  • It is designed for robust usage as the structure of the device is made up of MS and wood.
  • The shape of wooden board is made aerodynamic which provides better speed to the device.
  • The capacity of wooden board is up to 150 kg and so it can be used by all the age groups from a child to old person.


“Enabling mobility for specially abled & elderly”

Why the product was designed

In our everyday lives we see elderly people and people with lower limb disability have issue in mobility for indoor and Outdoor purpose.

Also they are always forced to use and carry separate assistive device for Indoor & Outdoor mobility.

In order to solve the above stated problem and provide the most premium and comfortable option of mobility – Mobula Multipurpose Electric Vehicle came into existence.


Where it can be used

  • Inside & Outside all public places like school ,colleges & Offices
  • At Public places like Temple , Malls & Zoo
  •  For long distance outdoor usage upto 5 KM


  • Can be used for Indoor and Outdoor purpose
  • Can be charged easily at home
  •  Provides range up to 15 KM