• Self-dependent : Handicare enables the user to become self-dependent to move freely anywhere and everywhere without anyone guidance or assistance of others.
  • Maintains user hygiene and comfort : Person using handicare does not require to drag their hands on the floor and thereby it provides hygiene to them and prevents their hands to get cracked.
  • Provides sense of dignity : A person using Handicare never feels that he/she is using an assistive device, but they feel as if it is a toy and thus many physically challenged.
  • Portable : It is so handy that it can be carried anywhere even when in a journey which becomes difficult in case of normal wheelchair.

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Super sweeper is mainly designed to solve the difficulties faced in the waste collection process like hygiene problem of street workers and inability of a garbage trucks to reach to the narrow streets. The machine is designed in such a manner that it can collect solid waste from narrow streets where the large waste collecting trucks are unable to reach. Apart from this the machine doesn’t require any kind of external power sources like battery or fuel. The major problem in the currently available machines are the storage space requirement after collecting a small quantity of waste, the waste needs to be emptied which is time consuming and tiring so, this problem is solved by placing a disposable waste collection bag which is used as a storage bin in our device, which is one of the most important feature of our device.

Super Sweeper enables user to collect waste in such a manner that in entire waste collection process there is no direct contact of user with waste, thereby providing hygiene to user.

Rag pickers and sanitation workers are always more prone to various vulnerable disease such as Asthama, Bronchitis and now COVID due to contact with waste. Super Sweeper addresses this problem and thereby reduces this risk by 95%

Very Fast & Efficient
Machine has 80 Litres of waste collection capacity and operates at a sweeping capacity of 1km/Hr.

No Issue of storage Capacity and cleaning of storage bin
Super Sweeper has a waste bag attached at the back side of machine where all waste gets collected and once it is filled it can be directly dumped into the waste collection truck , there will not be any requirement of emptying waste bin or cleaning it compared to current machines in market.

No External Power Source
Super Sweeper has one of the most unique triple brush technology which is operated manually by mechanical arrangement, Super Sweeper collects waste from roads with zero contact between user and waste.
Accessible to Narrow places
The design of machine is very compact as compared to the conventional machines like the cleaning truck or vacuum cleaner (used for street cleaning).
The cost of machine is much lesser compared to similar machines available in the market. It can be used on streets, Malls, Industrial estate, college campus etc. Super Sweeper fulfils all the needs in terms of Hygiene, Health, Sanitation, Waste recycling, waste management, waste disposal, cost effectiveness and compatibility.